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Now I'm Dreaming of Shameless Self-Promotion Fail!

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Thanks in part to a tweet from @SmartBitches, (don't follow the link referenced in this link if you know what's good for you, or if you are at work. Yes, I obviously don't know what's good for me) I had a horrid dream of shameless author self-promotion gone horribly wrong.

In the dream (the good part was that @taerin was living next door to me. This is probably a step down from her westside neighborhood, though) I opened my mailbox to find a padded envelope. With no postage. Inside was a self-pubbed book of zombie fiction (a slight clue to the above link) with a cover sheet. Inside, the author had written notes - in sparkly black ink - so I wouldn't miss the "important" bits.

Yes, "sparkly" ink. Oh. Dear.

The really creepy part was that the padded envelope had no postage, which means the author found out where I live and deposited said package in my mailbox. Ewwwwwwww.

I think I'm ready for a massive amount of brain bleach about now.

Oh, it was just a dream, but that kind of thing does creep me out. I was stalked once at a convention, and it was a quite unpleasant experience.

I'll take the misspelled e-mail messages for self-pubbed books over that anytime!

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3/11/2010 7:21:58 PM
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