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Death By Debugging

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A CheckIfExits() function was being held today in connection with the death of a woman found slumped over her keyboard. The only clue was a cryptic error message: The name does not exist in the current context.

"My client is a protected function," stated the suspect's attorney. "He was just going about his subroutine as usual, minding his own business."

A SQL database was queried and released after it returned unusable data. Police next turned to the web page. In response to allegations regarding its sobriety, the page responded, "I can't work unless I'm loaded."

The investigation then turned to the seedy underbelly of the Internet as authorities issued a search warrant for the location of Submit Button. Button's event handler stated that she was never called.

More on this story as Update() warrants.

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3/29/2010 5:08:49 PM
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