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Monday Mumblings Ponders the Delivery Window

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File this entry under "The Joys of Home Ownership."

We've owned a home for a little over 25 years. Yeah, let's let that one sink in. A little over a quarter of a century. Scary, no? We live in what we call a 1970's piece of - excuse me, charmingly retro - house. The house was built nearly 40 years ago and suffers from the particular problems of a house that age. To wit: Nothing is plumb, and what's plumb isn't in current sizes. This has led to interesting times, in the Chinese curse leaning of the phrase. Every time we swap out a bit of built-in gear, we find that the new bits designed to be dropped in are the wrong size. Everything from the sinks to the counters to the cabinets are just plain wrong. Yes, chaos ensues.

Another of the joys of long-term home ownership is the realization that appliances aren't made to last forever. Oh, it's something you know when you buy it and file it away in the back of your brain. Then when said appliance dies, the response is something along the lines of: "What? The dryer is 26 years old! It's in its prime of life!" Well, that's what happened this past week when we had a power outage and the dryer decided it didn't want to play nice in the "recovering from power outage" phase. In fact, it went straight into "fire hazard" mode.

Okay, time for a dryer.

We ordered one over the weekend. From a big box home store. With a salesguy with clue. Amazing. Said major appliance is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow. Which means I have to do some serious cleaning. Well, do YOU want to watch the delivery crew pull the dryer out of the wall only to be greeted with a few cubic feet of dust? Of course, not. It was spring cleaning time anyway. I also took the opportunity to thoroughly empty the shelves in the utility room and reorganize them.

Yes, I've been busy. And if you think I ache today...

The TV in the living room was also showing signs of dying, and we found a good deal on a replacement. We went from a honkin' huge first generation projection HDTV to a shiny new 2010 model plasma TV - in the box! Hey, this is a big deal. We like to save money, and that means we're not too proud to buy floor models.  This is the first in-the-box TV we've bought in years. (And yes, the dryer is in-the-box - I presume - but it's a closeout model.)

We spent yesterday moving furniture and figuring out how to fit the new TV in and what furniture we were going to use to support said TV.

It's all done, and in two days I've kicked up enough dust to kill crops in three states. Oh, my lungs.

So now I just get to wait around through the delivery window on the dryer tomorrow. When we purchased our washer they gave us a window of 7 AM - 9 AM, and told us they'd call first. The doorbell rang at 6:55. Hey, I was glad to be first on the list, but a little notice wouldn't have been unappreciated. So, I'm all ready for tomorrow. I get to rest for the balance of the evening. And watch House. Oh, yes. Watch House.

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5/17/2010 6:42:32 PM
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