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The good news is that I spent most of the day lazing in bed, watching TV. The bad news is that I was put there by a hit-and-run stomach bug. And then the pendulum swings back in the direction of "good news." Because it was a hit-and-run affair, I'm already feeling much improved.

FIOS On Demand was my friend today. First off, I watched three episodes of "Castle." I've had several folks tell me I should watch that, and yes, I did enjoy it. They had me at Nathan Fillion. That'll go into the DVR list - unless it continues to be available via On Demand. Next, I watched "American Friends," a film starring Michael Palin, Connie Booth, and a host of "gosh, I think I recognize them" British talent. Based on the journals of his great-grandfather, the story is about an Oxford don (Palin) who meets a couple of ladies from America and falls in love with one of them. This wasn't a comedy, but it was a very sweet story indeed. I enjoyed it.

So that's essentially been my day. I'm sitting here at the computer, nursing a lemon-lime soda, and wishing I'd had my day back. I'd planned on some serious plotting activity today. Drat.

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9/28/2010 4:29:50 PM
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