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Karma bites me in the knees

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Those who follow me on Facebook or Twitter saw the flurry of posts yesterday afternoon. Chris and I were headed out to pick Paul up from lunch. We were the front car of a line of traffic, waiting for the light to turn left. We heard the scraping crunch of metal against metal, and watched as a car spun out, hit the curb, and came to rest with the back bumper against a light pole. The car that hit it was in the middle of the intersection, its front end a mangled mess. Several people got their phones out and called 911 before we did, and others were already jumping out of their cars to help. At that point there was nothing we could do, so we moved along when we were able.

That was a close one for us and the two cars to our right. The car that spun could just as easily have hit any one - or all three - of us. So yeah, we were very fortunate.

Perhaps I was feeling just a bit too smug. On my second practice ball at league last night my left foot stuck and I fell forward across the foul line - hard. Both knees took the brunt of the impact. I was, as they say in the sports biz, slow to get up. Shaken AND stirred. I decided to go ahead and bowl because I was afraid I'd just seize up if I sat there. Chris and I share a ride and Paul was on the bike, so there was no way I could just leave.

I was glad I stuck it out. I came close to my average - and beat it one game.

Woke up this morning with bruises forming on my legs just below my knees, and my wrists and one shoulder aching. I must have gone down harder than I thought.

Oh, well. I know it could have been a lot worse. But I'm not going to get smug about it. Oh, no.

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10/28/2010 11:16:55 AM
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