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A few last-minute election thoughts

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Just a couple of links with some commentary.

First up, Scrivener's Error on why you should vote:
For those of you who believe that your vote doesn't count, realize that that's exactly what tyrants who have coopted the process throughout history (back to Greece, in any event) have wanted you to believe. It's never the landslides that provide opportunities for the thoughtful few to figure out what is going on, and potentially change it; it is the close races that require the "winners" to work with the "losers" to make any change last.
He has a point. I don't think that close votes always drive cooperation, but maybe a close election in which a lot of people voted just might make someone stand up and take notice.  Regardless, if you don't vote, you're just telling our leaders that you like things fine just the way they are. Do you? Do you really? If so, let them know. If not, let them know. This is the best chance we have to speak out.

True revolution happens at the ballot box. It's kinda boring, but it's more lasting than an armed revolt. And there's less blood to clean up.

Next up is an NYT Op-Ed from Frank Rich on what will really happen when those Tea Party candidates win their elections and show up in Washington:
But whatever Tuesday’s results, this much is certain: The Tea Party’s hopes for actually effecting change in Washington will start being dashed the morning after. The ordinary Americans in this movement lack the numbers and financial clout to muscle their way into the back rooms of Republican power no matter how well their candidates perform.
Do they really think they'll show up to Congress to a shower of rose petals and get handed the equivalent of the keys to the car and permission to date their children? No, it'll be "thanks for your help keeping the Republicans in office. Now go sit over there and watch while the big boys and girls continue to monopolize the playground." Freshmen Congresspeople are just that - they're the new kids on the block. The power is with the folks up top - the people who have been entrenched in their seats for so long that they've gathered enormous power. The new folks will be lucky to get a seat on the powerful Lunch Decision Committee. If they want to effect change, that change isn't going to happen overnight.

Gosh, I've been saying that for some time.

So please vote if you haven't already. Basement Cat will come visit your laundry if you don't.


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11/1/2010 1:01:11 PM
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