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A note to my newly-empowered representatives

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I can't call you my new representatives, because here in the reddest city in the reddest county in the reddest state of these here United States we sent incumbents back to office in every race - except one where the officeholder is blessed by the retiring incumbent.

You may think you have a mandate, but it's not what you've been touting in your ads. Your first order of business is not to hit the reset button and go back two years. Your first order of business is to put people to work. Your conservative base is learning that the "get a job" mantra doesn't work for them - not when holding down two $10/hour jobs without health insurance does nothing to replace the job they lost and keep the house they're about to lose. All those big money donors who funded your attack ads need to show their support for your agenda by putting people to work. Please support efforts to keep jobs here in America. When you fly the flag with one hand and pass our jobs overseas with the other, you look pretty darned foolish. I'm talking to BOTH parties here.

If you really feel our pain, don't vote yourselves a raise. Put your pensions into Social Security and live with the same crappy health insurance the rest of us do*. THEN you can get all self-righteous about how we everyday folks are getting screwed over.

To my state representatives: Please, please, please do something about soaring insurance, electricity, and tuition rates. The free market economy isn't really free when it's run by the same interests that put you into office, thereby giving them a license to reap excessive profits. Washington giveth by lowering my taxes; you taketh away - and then some - with these insane deregulation tactics. And while you're at it, put the gasoline taxes we're paying for roads into the damn roads instead of the general fund. If we must have toll roads, don't hand them over to foreign interests. You want to make jobs in Texas? You don't do it by sending big contracts overseas.

If you don't do this, prepare for your conservative base to turn on you.

*Yes, even under the new health care reform, you still have better insurance. What's up with that?

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11/4/2010 10:32:56 AM
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