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You want your government healthcare WHEN, Congressman?

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The blogosphere has been broiling over Maryland freshman congressman Andy Harris' request for health care coverage that kicks in the day he takes the oath of office, his offer to pay to cover his 28-day waiting period. (I've taken pains to link to an article that seems to be more balanced.) Apparently, Dr. Harris works at Johns Hopkins, which has health insurance that kicks in from the first day of employment.

What Dr. Harris apparently doesn't understand is that a wait of a month is fairly common out in the real world. We've endured it. Once I had a job with a 90-day wait.

Of course, now he's saying it just isn't for HIM, it's for the families of his fellow elected officials, while taking a jab at the health care bill that passed earlier this year.

Earth to Dr. Harris: Get out of your insular world and talk to people who have to endure wait periods of longer than a month. Talk to people who lose their insurance when Mom finds a lump in her breast, or young adults who can't get insurance because they've been treated for asthma thanks to the dirty air you and your fellow representatives seem to think it's perfectly fine for the rest of us to breathe.

I'm glad I took the time to find a more balanced news source as it mitigates my anger somewhat. But still, it's very hypocritical of him to be demanding his health care now while ... read the above paragraph. Lather, rinse, repeat.

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11/17/2010 8:35:27 AM
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