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Fall Cleaning and Other Horrors

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We're expecting our first freeze of the year tomorrow night, which means it's time to get the tender plants in. This means making room indoors for some plants, and piling the rest on a cart that I park inside the garage near the front so they'll get light. Of course, this means cleaning house.

This year, it came with a twist. I think I must have angered the gods of plumbing last week. No damage. Just more stuff to clean. We also had a couple of home projects planned for the week, which led to even more cleaning! Both of my regular readers know housework and I go together like oh, the Tea and Socialist Parties.

And speaking enraging various gods, one of the cars spent a night in the shop this week.

On the plus side, all my joking with friends about angering gods planted the seed of a story idea. Some folks call these plot bunnies. I dislike that term. For me, a story idea is not a fuzzy little thing that nudges me until I put together a nice, fluffy plot. It's more of a monster.

Short entry today. Must get back to cleaning. Plants are about ready to come inside, but I still have the sewing table to finish (oh, yes! More sewing projects!) and a pile o' crud on the desk.

Have a good Thanksgiving.

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11/24/2010 11:06:55 AM
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