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I finished the curtain this afternoon, Paul installed the hardware, and now we have a light blocking curtain for the patio door. Spent another $10 or so on the hardware, and Paul had to modify the brackets, but still, it was a deal.

Next, I went sort of crazy cleaning in the bedroom. A few weeks ago I made a pact that I'd toss one piece of clothing for every piece I bought. Well, today I broke it, but in a very good way. I got rid of a whole bunch of stuff that no longer fits or I just don't wear. All going to charity. Probably back to the very same thrift stores I haunt on a regular basis. No, I won't buy any of it and bring it back home. I also tossed a few items that were simply to threadbare to pass along to someone else. When I get rid of something I always check to be sure it's in the same condition I'd want it to be if I saw it on the rack at a resale shop or thrift store. Some of the stuff was so worn through it couldn't be mended. Why I was holding on to it I don't know. Except the stuff had drifted to the bottoms of drawers and I wasn't seeing it.

Fiddled a little more with the Underwood 3. It's getting there. Paul fashioned some new feet out of rubber stoppers and glued some felt to the bottom. I know that's technically not correct, but the stoppers I found have holes in the bottom and the screws were thisclose to hitting the desk. So felt pads were in order.

Trolled Etsy and Ebay a bit while looking at vintage wall clocks. I suspect some sellers wouldn't know Art Deco if he kissed them on the lips. A late 1870s clock is not Art Deco. I suppose it could have been a 1920s or 1930s reproduction, but that still doesn't make it Art Deco.

Still running the low grade temp thing, but I sort of hoped keeping busy today would unwind my mental motor to the point where I could finally sleep tonight. We shall see....

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12/4/2010 10:06:16 PM
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