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I started in on my holiday baking last night. Oh, I know people who have been baking all month. It's not that I'm procrastinating, but I only had a couple of batches of cookies and scones to do. I decided they ought to be fresh.

I opened the cupboard last night and realized I was out of baking powder. This wasn't a show stopper. Baking soda would do. The box was nearly empty, but I had just enough.

Then I discovered I had just enough sugar for the cookies, and I'd be running quite thin on flour by the time I started in on the scones.

I had no choice but to visit the store this morning. On Christmas Eve. With a line of storms pushing this way.

The store wasn't as packed as I expected. Most of the shoppers, though, apparently didn't ever visit the grocery store the other 364 days of the year. Carts blocked the aisles, groups of shoppers hesitated over the smallest decisions. Kids screamed that they didn't want mole sauce.* All in all, not a fun trip. I got my stuff and made it home before the heavy rain hit.

Now I get to spend the day at home, baking. Between the cold and the rain it's a good day for firing up the oven and turning out tasty (I hope) treats. I just glanced at the radar image, and the western part of the storm has taken on a decidedly blue and white color scheme. Yes, I'm glad to be indoors.

Please have a safe Christmas Eve (and Christmas!) - wherever you are.

*Yes, I can understand why kids would be upset over the prospect of eating a sauce made from animals that spoil people's gardens. Mole (mo-lay) sauce is a Mexican staple made from chocolate, chiles, and various spices.

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12/24/2010 11:49:20 AM
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