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For those who watch the tweets and Facebook postings, I'm feeling better, though not recovered. For everyone else, just another flare-up of the TMI Chronic Condition. Nothing here that you'd want to see. Move along.

So I'm sort of back in the saddle today, trying to catch up on stuff. Over the weekend we had our big FenCon kick-off meeting and party. Our current cunning FenCon plan is to get our invitations out in the next week or so.

One of my big jobs today (along with paperwork and laundry) is updating my personal calendar and the events list here on the site. I'll be showing art at ConDFW in a few weeks, but I don't think I'll be sitting on any panels. However, I'll be hanging out at the con and running the FenCon party, so do look me up.

That is, I'll get things finished if the phone does not stop ringing. I filed for a replacement sales tax permit a couple of weeks ago. It arrived in the mail over the weekend. Today the robocalls started. No, I do not need a merchant account. Go away. While I realize that this is public information I really think they ought to allow people to opt out of sharing phone numbers for marketing purposes.

Holy freaking crap. Someone else just called. I have 'em hell and told them NEVER to call me again and I'd report them. "Well, you're in the phone book." I'm also on the Do Not Call List. Go away. There's a very special, very warm place for these folks, and it's not a boiler room. (Update; Up to SIX calls now. I just answer the phone with "no, I don't want a merchant account.)

Ah, yes. Monday is laundry day, too. Time for the next load...

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1/24/2011 12:51:48 PM
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