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The "To Do" List Is Shrinking

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Yesterday was a crappy day. The kind of work I do is not only "feast or famine," but it is subject to bursts of what I call "virtual fires. You know the deal: One thing after another happens and it all comes out of left field and has a deadline of NOW, dammit! It was non-stop from the time I got up until some point in the evening.

That was my day yesterday, so please pardon me if I was on the cranky side.

Last night I got some sleep. Today I finally finished the taxes. And yesterday, I even managed to sneak in a couple other items on the list. 

My reward for getting through yesterday was to take the morning off and do the round of thrift stores. My first stop was the Salvation Army and holy cow, I found The Shoes!

I've been going crazy trying to find a pair of shoes to go with the Victorian outfit I'm making. I've tried at retail, I've tried the web, I've hit the thrift stores - over and over. And it turned out that because the price was marked in yellow, I got them for half price! Came up to under $4 with tax. How could I argue with that? 

I should mention that I buzzed by one local thrift shop on the way to the grocery store the other day and walked out with a petticoat I can alter to work with the dress. Another $4 find. At this rate I'm going to have a halfway decent Victorian outfit for not a lot more than $50. Thrift stores and fabric sales for the win! (Most of the fabric was $2/yard because I was willing to put up with short yardages and do a little creative cutting to make them work.)

Next, I hit the Goodwill store and found some books. Ooh, I have fodder for the food area in the Nostalgia section! Here's an, er, taste...


Appetizing, no? What the freaking cow is this? Answer in comments.

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4/14/2011 2:42:39 PM
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