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Apologizing for Texas Politicians. Again.

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Yep, this is getting old. We're facing a budget crisis, and what is before our House? A birther bill! (Sorry, it's behind a paywall, but you can see the first part.) Arizona recently passed a similar law, and their governor refused to sign it. I doubt this will make it past the Senate here. 

Rather than really fix the budget, they've gone after the political points like this, photo ID for voting, cutting reproductive services for women, and a bold attempt to pull the safety net out from the elderly. 

When property taxes were restructured several years ago, the Comptroller's Office warned of a shortfall. We voted her out of office. Guess she was right after all. But rather than work to actually fix the problem, they're down in Austin piddling with gaining political points. 

A pox on 'em all.

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4/21/2011 7:33:55 AM
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