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The folks down in Austin have done it again by ramrodding through a social agenda platform that guts education, reduces funding for mental health and old age care, and demands that women who want an abortion must now hear a description of the fetus and then wait 24 hours for the procedure.

Way to fix our deficit.

Oh yes: They've also put a "poison pill" in a bill that provides health services for low-income women. They've not only barred Planned Parenthood from funding, but have codified it in the bill that the whole program dies if Planned Parenthood sues to keep their spot. 

What a bunch of childish bullies. They're holding the health of the most vulnerable in society hostage to their ideology.

They're doing everything but actually fixing the deficit. 

I'll remember this at the ballot box.

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5/10/2011 2:31:55 PM
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