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Monday Mumblings Goes To The Bank

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Yep, I actually walked into the bank lobby today to do business. And no, it wasn't to move to a new bank. I'm convinced that madness lies that way - at least for us. And yet, all the furor over the possible imposition of check card fees got me to take a hard look at our bank accounts. No, I'm not going to go into our finances. But generally, we're probably in the same situation as a lot of middle class folks as in that we have more direct deposits and have fewer dealings with tellers. So why not move to bank accounts that are more friendly to the way we do things, particularly when it means lower fees and potentially more convenience? So I put on some makeup and real clothes (meaning no blue jeans) and went down and talked to someone. She asked some good questions and agreed that the checking account we'd selected after some research was a better deal for us, and pointed out that our current savings account was a better deal for us than the one I'd been looking at online. 

Sometimes it pays to go talk to a real person. 

And gosh, I didn't have to wave a protest sign or anything.

So. The weekend. We went to see Puss In Boots on Friday. It was a fun film. And it was good to get away from the house for a few hours, although the air in that movie house was awful, and it triggered a whole weekend of breathing issues. Sigh. Saturday we did a lot of shopping. Didn't spend a whole lot. Paul bought a new soldering iron, and I shopped for a magnifier that I can attach to my sewing/craft light. Yeah, I'm getting to the point where that sort of thing is helpful. I didn't find one, but I have a couple more places in mind to check out. 

Yesterday I sat on my tail and watched football and took breathing treatments. Hey, the Cowboys won! And the breathing treatments helped. I actually slept last night. 

Off for some lunch and laundry. I have a picture to post later on today.

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11/7/2011 12:08:11 PM
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