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Monday Mumblings Wheezes Through Another Weekend

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Warm fall temps + leaves on the ground + rain = mold!

There's your math lesson for the day. I spent much of the weekend wheezing and coughing. Even had to take a breathing treatment in the middle of a meeting yesterday. Ah, well. At least I got through it. Someone else had offered to take over for me, but I kind of felt like I had to finish what I'd started. This was my last ever meeting as FenCon Chair, and damn it, I was going to finish it. 

So stick a fork in that FenCon. It's done. ;-)

It was an honor and a privilege to serve as Chair My selection showed that some people had a lot of faith in my ability, and I hope I lived up to their expectations. I'm just sorry I had to go limping out as I did yesterday.

So what's next for me? Rest. Plenty of fluids. Hat pins. Oh, yes. hat pins. Stay tuned.

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11/14/2011 1:12:13 PM
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