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Dirty Birds And Missing Glasses

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Apologies for the lack of updates this week. I'm typing this from the kitchen on my tablet as I keep an eye on the baking. I'm hosting Thankgiving dinner tomorrow, otherwise known as The Excuse To Clean House. To be fair, the place has been a lot worse. We did take the opportunity to do some deep cleaning in a couple of places, and Paul ran a snake through the tap outside of the kitchen to dislodge some, buildup that was causing the drains to move slow. Hey, forget the housecleaning. I'm just happy to have the drains working well again.

Most of today hss been spent in baking or prepping. The cranberry sauce is in the fridge and the pumpkin pie is nearly done. Then I get to finish off the rolls.

The other job was to apply the rub to the turkey. I was half-expecting to hear boom-chicka-wow music- And yes, I feel vaguely dirty, particularly after covering the bird with plastic wrap and shutting it away in a dark fridge.

Today was aleo supposed to be eyeglasses day. I called down to see of they were ready and they asked if they could go check and call me back in five minutes. Half an hour later we took off on some errands and stopped by. They didn't even remember I'd called. Finally I was told the lenses were backordered and they might be here by Friday. Didn't cross their minds at all that two weeks ago they promised delivery today. The least they could have done was call - or return my call. So now I probably have to brave mall traffic on Black Friday in order to get my glasses. Thank you very much.

Pie is finished. Must go do the rolls. And then take a shower. :-)

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11/23/2011 8:38:37 PM
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