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It's been a tough few weeks on the computer front, between the system slowing down to a crawl for inexplicable reasons and the discovery that .Net 4.5 was totally incompatible with my tax software. 

Paul was having similar issues and tracked it down to VIPRE, the AV software we're using. He ditched it for something else. I was on the verge of ditching it when I got a notification of an update. I installed the update, rebooted, and suddenly the machine is snappy. There's virtually no wait when I plug in a USB device, CF card, or open a program. The browsers work properly. My only really sluggish program now is Photoshop, but I'm still on CS3, which is pre-64-bit. Yeah, I need to upgrade. 

And speaking of upgrades, I also snagged the new beta of Visual Studio 11, partly to check out the improvements, but mostly for the .Net patches. My tax software works!

I'd have asked Geek Kitty, but she has better things to do when she hangs out near my computer.


Ah, well. I'm glad to have my computer running again!

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3/23/2012 7:27:10 AM
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