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What If There Was A "War On Men?"

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Most of the people I see who insist that there is no "war on women" seem to be men. For you male naysayers, allow me to ask a few questions.

What would be your reaction if:

- The only reliable means of birth control available to you was only dispensed via prescription and required an expensive and sometimes painful annual exam?

- Your wife or partner insisted that the onus on birth control was on you because methods available to her interfered with her pleasure?

- In spite of your precautions, she got pregnant, but society pinned on responsibility on you? After all, it's your fault that you chose to stick it there. 

- Your employer refused to cover Viagra for ED uses due to religious or moral objections?

- Your doctor prescribed Viagra for cardiac problems and you had to jump through often embarrassing hoops to get your insurance to cover the medication?

- Your pharmacist refused to fill the prescription for Viagra due to religious or moral reasons? Of course, cardiac issues would be an exception, but she knows better than your doctor and suspects you lied to get the prescription.

- Society expected you to stay home and take care of the kids?

- When you did go interview for a job the woman behind the desk eyed your package appreciatively and remarked that "there aren't many men working in this profession?"

- She did hire you but paid you 2/3 of what women pulled down for the same work?

- Your boss docked your pay and threatened to fire you because you had to pick up a sick kid from school? 

- You're in a bad mood today because you were up all night with a sick kid and your boss and co-workers blamed it on your hormones?

- When you express your opinion on any of the above, women call you a ManNazi or vulgar names based on your "equipment?"

I'm of the opinion the world would be a different place if men were in the above positions. For women, the above is business as usual - only replace "Viagra" with "birth control pills." 

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4/20/2012 11:14:17 AM
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