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So, does my inbox have bad breath? Is my spam filter eating messages from people in my address book? Or is something else afoot?

Thing is, I've had a terrible time this summer getting answers to emails. I fill out a form on a web site. I get an automated response ... then nothing. I fill out the form again. I do the geeky thing and find out the address the form goes to (well, not so geeky when the automated response includes an address for inquiries) and ... nothing. I paid the bills last Wednesday, and today I found one had gone into some Internet black hole. Fortunately, it was for a small amount. Still, that's not the point.

I have people promise to contact me. They don't. Emails go unanswered until, perhaps, the very last minute, when I sometimes get a terse email implying that whatever was going on, it was my fault that they didn't answer and by the way, whatever question I answered or task I performed for them was wrong, and it was my fault for not reading my crystal ball.

Yeah, I'm cranky about this.

So, it it me? Does my inbox have bad breath? 

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8/8/2012 9:03:45 AM
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