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Monday Mumblings Has The Concrud

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I'm not taking care of myself as well as I should. But hey, between Chicon, a deadline, busted A/C, and other fires, that's no surprise.

I'd planned to get rest this weekend. Honestly, I did. Then the FenCon web site went down. Not just us, but the entire shared hosting server. The hosting company fixed it as soon as they could, but that was a wakeup call to put the things we use at-con on a backup server. So I did that.

Went to visit an outpost of Spec's a package store that's making inroads in the Dallas area. Kind of a cool place. In addition to the standard selection of fare you'd expect at a package store they had lots of interesting specialty foods, including this:


Watched the full Hugo Awards stream last night. Spent part of the day designing stuff and writing a radio play. Work, work, work.

Cunning plan today is to get some sewing done. If I'm going to have some new Steam Cat items at FenCon, I must get busy.

But no walkies this morning. My stomach is doing cartwheels.

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9/10/2012 9:27:28 AM
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