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Why Bother To Vote?

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I live in one of the reddest cities in the one of the reddest counties in one of the reddest states of the Union. Why should someone like me bother to vote?

If I'm a Republican, it's in the bag for Romney. If I'm a Democrat, Obama has roughly the same chances of carrying the state as an ice cube placed on the sidewalk in August has of lasting five minutes. So why bother?

Because the election is more than those two candidates. You'll possibly be selecting a U.S. Senator, and will be selecting someone for the House. You likely have other statewide races, and quite possibly city and/or county races. There may be state or local propositions and/or bond elections. Your vote can make a difference down the ticket. 

Real change - no matter how you define it - starts at home. Please vote. 

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11/6/2012 8:43:03 AM
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