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(For those times when I need to call for an Orange Alert.)

A couple of weeks ago I hit my limit on phone solicitors. The phone rang 10 times. I put three of the numbers on the block list with Verizon, which I discovered the next day wasn't working. 

I finally signed up for Nomorobo, and it's been quiet - blissfully so. I have to pick up the phone once in a while to make sure it's still working.

So how does this miracle of modern technology work, you ask, and how many limbs did I have to sacrifice for peace and quiet? Nomorobo is a winner of the FTC Robocall Challenge, and it's free. Yep, free. The biggest catch is that it requires digital phone service (like FiOS or U-Verse) that supports simultaneous ring. Register with the service, type their number in your simultaneous ring list, and sit back and watch them take care of those pesky phone solicitors. (This may be a huge incentive for some people to finally ditch the copper lines and go digital if it's available to them.)

Nomorobo answers on the first ring and checks the number on the Caller ID against their database. If it's on their list, the call gets blocked. If the phone keeps ringing, then it may be worth answering.

So yes, it's like having Jeeves answer the phone and ascertain as to whether or not I am home to the caller.

Is it perfect? No. But I can report numbers that get through. They also let through numbers associated with legal robocalls. 

My goodness, it's lovely to be able to work again without constant interruption from "Rachel" and her ilk. I'm actually starting to get things done again.

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7/21/2015 4:57:03 PM
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