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So here I am on a major deadline. The software I need to complete the task is on my laptop. The damn thing will. Not. Start. I finally got a revival spell (aka Startup Repair) going, and that's been running for half an hour. Fortunately, the files I need are on the LAN or out in the cloud, so if a total disaster strikes, I may be on the hook for re installing the software as a second-worst case. scenario. Worst case would be a  totally dead laptop. And it ain't totally dead yet. My second-worst case scenario involves wiping the drive and starting over. And there are plenty of not-so-bad after all scenarios that might happen, including the revival spell doing its job.

It's just not what I need when I'm buried in work.

ETA: The revival spell apparently did not work. I am so screwed.

ETA Again: Disconnected the power, pulled the battery, and success! I think it'll be worth my time to run a diagnostic or two before I plow into work.

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8/22/2013 2:50:16 PM
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