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RIP, Midnight

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Midnight Louise joined our household in September of 2000. Each of the cats has had different personalities, but Midnight had some interesting quirks. She came to be known as Geek Kitty for her mixed feelings of curiosity toward and healthy fear of electronic gear. Whenever we got new tech in the house, she had to be there to check it out. When it got right down to it, she just wanted to be part of what was going on.

Except when she wanted to be left alone. 

Her favorite spot in the house may have been Paul's lap. He was most definitely her human. 


I would often catch Midnight hanging around by the patio door as it approached time for Paul to arrive home from work. For then it meant Treats.

Midnight was most certainly a creature of habit. Things had to go according to procedure. And if she was displeased, she let us know - at high volume.

In fact, the last year or so The Song Of My People has been a fixture on my Facebook feed. Whenever Paul left for work in the morning, she would walk into the office, sit next to his chair, and complain at high volume. She would demand handouts from and complain when she didn't get them, meaning those complaints were frequent.

Unlike Abby, who loved the camera, Midnight would often shy away when someone wanted to take her picture. This is why I don't have as many pictures of her to share. Abby seemed to know I was going to share her pictures with her adoring public, so she took the time to pose. Midnight was just not interested. I have more shots of black blurs in my photos folder than I can count. Her reticence also made it a little difficult to keep up the Catmas Card tradition, but we managed.

For all her quirks, Midnight was a loving cat. She would come sit with someone when they were sick. And she was almost always available to be petted. 

Midnight also ended up as the mascot for Steam Cat, my handmade goods business. You can check out her and Abby as Steampunk cats in our 2009 Catmas Card.

Midnight was 18-1/2, and until a couple of weeks ago she could still jump up on the bar stool for treats.

Enjoy cavorting in the land of endless treats, Midnight. And say hello to the other cats while you're there.

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2/4/2019 3:41:06 PM

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