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Yes, I'm still working on the novel, but it's slow. One of my biggest problems was getting my main character into an investigation. It was reading like a bad Mary Sue. You know the type: She shows up, bats her long, luscious lashes (all the better to show off her unique shade of violet eyes) at the man in charge, and she's instantly put in command. 

To be honest, it wasn't that bad, but without going into details, there was a distinct lack of motivation, or solid reasoning behind the actions my characters were taking. This makes for a horrible story. 

The epiphany came as I was brushing my teeth. Not that oral hygiene had anything to do with it, but my brain was definitely drifting while polishing each tooth. "Epiphany" may be too strong a word, for this problem has been percolating in my brain for a long time. 

My background in writing is more in journalism and short stories, and there's a major difference in plotting between short stories and novels, and I'm probably preaching to the choir on that one. I've had serious trouble wrapping my head around a novel-length work, and progress has come in fits and starts. But progress it is, and I'll take it! 

The old dog is learning some new tricks.

Oh, wait! The cats inform me that I shall not speak (or type) of the d-word, and if I had only listened to Daenerys' plaintive meows yesterday, it would have been clear that she wasn't begging for treats, but informing me exactly what I needed to know to break through this barrier. Okay, it was interspersed with cries for treats, but is it her fault that it took twelve hours for it to sink into my brain? Of course, it's also clear know that Arya wasn't begging for skrtiches this morning, and that the head bonks were her way of telepathically ramming the idea home in my brain.

But of course! 

The cats have presented me with a deal. They'll help me with the book, but there must be a large container of treats on signing, and then treat royalties on sales. The large container is not an advance on royalties, but single up-front payment to cover past assistance. Arya will scratch my hand so I can sign in blood.

They drive a hard bargain. I wonder if Petco is open?

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7/22/2020 9:48:56 AM
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