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Got the shelves up. Got my computer back together. For my next trick - filing cabinets! Of course, I can't find anything I like at a decent price. There's virtually nothing between "so cheap it'll fall apart when you look at it" and "will withstand earthquakes." And I want something that says, "gets the job done." Not "trying to impress prospective clients with our taste in expensive-looking furniture."

With that in mind I dropped by a used office equipment place. They didn't have any in the size I'm looking for. There's one more used place I can try today if I have the time.

Got the Catmas cards out the door this morning. I had a couple to go overseas. Of course, you can get packs of international postcard stamps from the vending machine, but no international letter stamps. So I had to go stand in line. I supposed they wanted me to certify that the Christmas card contained no hazardous materials or coded messages to Osama bin Laden. No, just coded messages to other cats denouncing the conditions under which they live and demanding more milk.

I finally got the stamps and they barely glanced at the envelopes.

On tap for today: More work. Last-minute shopping. Blind panic when last-minute gifts don't pan out. More cleaning in the office. Sneezing after kicking up dust in said office. Perhaps crack open a bag of Jamaican Blue.

That's Blue Mountain coffee. What were you thinking

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12/19/2005 7:22:00 AM
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