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I was awakened at four this morning by a light tapping on my foot. I knew it had to be Midnight, so I grumbled and raised my foot up and down - a move that sometimes discourages her.

The tapping continued. Then I could feel a hand shaking my foot, which pretty much sent me jumping. There stood Chris. "I've got a fever." It wasn't one of those low-grade 99 or 100 degree jobs; he went all out with 103.4. Yeesh. He ran down the litany of symptoms: Fever, alternating chills and hot skin, upset stomach, sore throat. I can only hope he got the number of the truck that hit him.

Oh, yes: We've had our flu shots. Of course, the shots only protect against the strains of the disease that they expect will hit over the winter; and do nothing against the viral, flu-like diseases that go back and forth among kids like bad gossip.

So I got out of bed and made sure he took a couple of Ibuprofen. He thought he'd be more comfortable on the couch, from which it's an almost straight shot to the bathroom. I couldn't blame him. Not one bit. I brought him a king size comforter that he could layer in case he got chills, an extra pillow and a glass of ice water. Then I tried to go back to sleep, which was easier said than done.

If Chris had been noisy about being sick, I'd have heard that. The problem is that a fever doesn't make any noise. (Hey, I'm trying not to put anyone off their lunches here. Parents, I think you know what I mean.)

So today has been a cycle of sleeping for 3-4 hours, up for an hour, take more Ibuprofen, and go back to sleep. At least he's trying to keep hydrated, although the mere thought of food sends his stomach into a knot. I'm hoping the worst will be over by tomorrow.

Paul returned from his overseas trip yesterday, and I survived the quasi-nightmare known as Terminal D. Call me crazy, but when I don't know where I'm going I tend to follow the signs. He was scheduled to arrive at Gate 33. All the signs said 1-22 and pointed to a certain section for parking for International Arrivals. I parked there and walked into the terminal. The signs said gates 1-22. I asked at an information desk and found out that gate 33 was at the other end of the terminal. What I didn't realize until I'd walked all over the place is that there is one spot where international passengers exit into the main terminal. I discovered that by attempting to decipher a blobby area on a map of the terminal.

Oh, well. He's home and we're all happy to have him back.

So how about House last night? Wow. Everybody lies, huh?

And finally, on the security front: If you use the Mozilla browser please upgrade to the new version that was released last week. A couple of pieces of exploit code are floating around that take advantage of the flaws this new version patches.

Picture o' the day coming up.

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2/8/2006 10:33:00 AM
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