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Where's the Home Office Cam?

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Gone, for the moment. I've been trying a new piece of software and so far I am not impressed. There will be no cam until I find some better software.

We had a good DI meeting, for a change. I feel better about the team's chances than I have in a long time, which is to say they're better than the proverbial ice cube in the center of the planet. I wouldn't have given them that a few days ago. Seriously, they may have a shot at this. Scary thought.

I'm still giving the novel thought as time allows. Right now I'm very down on what I've written so far, but that's bound to change after the DI crunch. I'm pretty much at peace with the fact that I won't get anything beyond work for clients done at this point. OTOH, I'm also aware that I should always be open to inspiration. Should that strike, then I'll write until I'm spent. I'm also giving thought to the audio theatre projects that are on the back burner. Sadly, I opened up what I thought was a script that I'd started only to find my name on the page and nothing more. Dang, I thought that I'd had a pretty decent opening to a Sherlock Holmes drama in there. All gone, alas. I suppose I should try to search the drive before I give up.

Only 8:30 and I'm dead tired. I think I'll just put my brain to bed. My body may not be ready, but I can tell that the brain is desperately trying to shut down for the night.

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2/19/2006 6:07:00 PM
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