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Fun day shaping up...

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I had a couple of links ready to go and then my system froze up. Just like that. Dang. At least they remained in my browser history.

Was the Loch Ness Monster actually an elephant?. Interesting theory.

And here's a tech story that kind of disturbs me about the pending AT&T merger and the idea of a neutral web. The thing that kills me is that AT&T and other large ISPs want to charge sites like Yahoo and Google for access to their customers. Excuse me? It looks to me like they want to charge both Internet subscribers and web site providers for the same bandwidth. As someone who runs a couple of web sites, this infuriates me. Would you pay extra to get Google and Yahoo? Perhaps. Would you pay extra to get I can't blame you if you wouldn't. My site isn't necessary for you to do busines or your kids to do homework. And if web sites have to pay more so you can see them, you can bet there will be more subscription fees and ads. Just what the world needs. I think only the ISP's will come out ahead on this one.

What do you think?

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3/8/2006 8:56:00 AM
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