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Another long day

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Errand day at the Manor: Change the oil in the car. Get haircuts. (Yikes! I've cut my hair!) Do laundry. Do grocery shopping. Gas and wash the car. Do the banking. Quick drive-though lunch. Yep, very busy.

An odd addenum today to my FiOS story: Today we drove into the alley and saw a little organge flag denoting a buried cable and bearing the logo of the cable company. Tonight I got a call from the cable company offering to drop the price of my service by $20 a month. I can only wonder. The caller made it a point to mention that there was no long-term contract. They know Verizon sent out a mailing earlier in the week. This cold get interesting. Cable rates droping? That sound you hear may be that of Hell freezing over.

I'll have the answer to the picture tomorrow.

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3/9/2006 5:42:00 PM
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