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Change the lights on the [thing]!

Local Color:

Click the box to change colors.
CheerLights Color:

The lights in the picture
should be one of these two colors.

The color picker is generated by your browser, and may vary. Just click on the color box to start. Find a color, select it, then press the SEND button to change the color. If we have a camera on the object, it may take up to a minute to see the change. Patience, padawan.

So, how does this work? Read on.

(Note: I am trying to resolve some caching issues so you get the latest image. If the image doesn't load, then go ahead and refresh your browser. Also, the image load may lag a bit behind the page refresh. If you see in the browser tab that the page is still loading, then give it a few seconds. Also, the page will refresh as soon as you hit the "send" button, but it still may take up to a minute for the Arduino script in the [thing] to catch up.)