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Round Robin Photo Challenge - "Holy"

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This is another that got lost in the Great Database Glitch of '06, but I think I can get the pictures back at least:

I love cemetery art. It shows an outpouring of grief combined with a hope for a better tomorrow. This was taken at Old St. Louis No. 2 Cemetery in New Orleans:


A church exterior in downtown Austin. It was after sunset. I love the way the light comes through the windows:

A church in Downtown Austin

S.S. Mary's and Patrick's Churck in Avoca, Ireland. Sharp-eyed UK TV fans will recognize it as St. Joseph's in Ballykissangel:

S.S. Mary and Patrick's, Avoca

church_int2 copy

One for the Star Wars fans: Organic chocolate;


According to the label, Dagoba means "temple of the gods."

And finally, a bit of a play on words. This is my mondo knee brace. I was wearing it at bowling last night when someone on the opposing team remarked how it must be my religous brace because "it's holy." Ugh.

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4/25/2006 9:48:38 AM
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