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At last! No time for an entry yesterday, and not a lot of time today. Let's see what's been going on at the Manor:

I did break down and get a new phone. That's going to be another journal entry. It's a long story that's confounding (at least to me) in places, so I want to gather my thoughts and piece everything together. Additionally, I'd like to put the phone through a few more hoops before I write.

Friday. Work. Laundry. Tex-Mex. Only one of those was fun.

Frozen margarita

Yeah, the Tex-Mex. This is a picture from the new cell phone. It was backlit like mad, but it's possible to push the EV +/- 2 so I was able to bump it up to get some detail. The sky in the background? It was just about that gray today. We're into the high ozone days of summer, when the blue skies are coated sickly gray. Yeech.

I got home to find three identical messages from a "Jack Rowsey" asking me to join something called Zebo. I've never heard of the guy. Turns out my messages were spam, pure and simple. I've seen Usenet and guestbook spam from this same bunch. I think I'll stay away.

The DVD art for House, season 2. Release date is August 22. Think they'll have the "sexy" auditon on this as an extra? For those who haven't heard this story, Hugh Laurie did an audition tape in a bathroom in Zimbabwe while filming Flight of the Phoenix. (The best light was in there, apparently.) He got the callback and was asked to come looking "sexy." Laurie claims that he had no clue on what to do and just decided to go. His daughter gave him a button that said "sexy," which he wore to the audition. It must have worked. The Zimbabwe audition is an extra on the first season set, and that alone is worth the price of purchase. It was obvious even then that he had the character of House nailed.

I've also been catching up on a few things around the house. Borning as all get-out, but stuff that needs to be done.

The first day lily of the season made an appearance today:

day lily

Kind of scrawny and pathetic looking, isn't it? Hopefully we'll have some better ones soon.

I've got a Feline Friday entry to do, then it's off to chill out. Enjoy your weekend!

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6/9/2006 9:30:59 PM
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