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Round Robin Photo Challenge

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This week's challenge is "Emotions," which was suggested by Chris of My Photographic Life.

I decided to do this with animals and objects rather than people. I'm not sure if I managed it, but here goes:


This sleeping kitty personifies the feeling of contentment that I wish I could achieve.


I suppose this woudld be humor. I watched these ducks follow the turtle through the park one morning. They'd slowy walk up to the turtle, and once the creature would start up, they'd move back a few steps, then follow, inching forward. Then it would start all over again. It was quite a show.


This picture represents loss. It was taken at a graveyard in New Orleans several years ago. There are a couple of meanings of loss represented here. The most obvious is the loss of a loved one, which this lovely statue of an angel in prayer was supposed to represent. The other is the immense loss suffered to the beautiful New Orleans cemeteries by vandals. I'm told this area survived the flodding. If you ever make it to New Orleans, consider taking a tour of one of the lovely old burial grounds.


Cue the John Williams music. Would you believe I was in the water with those sharks just a few moments before? Scary, ain't it? The sharks were fine as long as we obeyed the rules, but as soon as we climbed into the boat the guides tossed cut up fish into the water, which prompted this feeding frenzy. This is what happens when pure instinct takes over. When that was over, I was ready for this:


Pure bliss.

Oh, did the sharks not scare you enough? Do you want to see something that will make you feel really creepy?


Howdy, folks! This is Big Tex! He stalks the State Fair of Texas. The Sta-Puft Marshamallow Man cringes in his presence! Children have bad dreams about him! Now you will, too! Bwah hahaha!

That was cruel. You need another emotion:

Frozen margarita

Happy place! Or is that happy hour? Whatever. Virtual drinks are on me! (Don't worry: They also make 'em with no alcohol, but plenty of flavor. Happy?)

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6/14/2006 8:31:20 AM
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