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Feline Friday

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Yes, it's Friday again, and that means cat pictures! Feline Friday, is, of course, hosted at Steven's sometimes(photoblog).

I'm going to be a little bit different this week:

Chris and Abby

Chris walked into the office with Abby this afternoon. Abby is usually squeamish about allowing anyone but Paul (aka Slave #1) to carry her around, so this was a camera moment. The camera was in the living room, so they followed us out.

Now there were some pictures that flattered Chris, some that flattered Abby, but none that flattered both. I ended up with this because I liked the way they were looking at each other. Chris looks a little silly in this shot, but he was making faces at Abby at the time..

I'm also going to admit to doing a little touch-up on his face. He's a teenager and he just got back from summer camp, which meant that his skin looked worse than ever. It was finally clearing up before he left!

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6/30/2006 9:38:10 PM

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