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This week's challenge is "Americana," which was suggested by Cosette of Pandora's Bazaar.

There's just one picture this week, but I do have a story to go with it:

Teddy Bear and Teddy 


Few things are more American than the Teddy Bear. The "Teddy" got its name from president Theodore Roosevelt. The man was an avid outdoorsman and hunter. The story goes that a group of men took the president hunting and were so anxious for him to bag a kill that they finally tied an old bear to a tree. Roosevelt refused to shoot the bear. Apparently it had been attacked by dogs and he asked that it be put out of its misery. (story here.) Like anything else surrounding a politician, the tale took on a life of its own and pretty soon stuffed Teddy Bears were on sale.

So, in honor of Americana, we have a contemporary, patriotic bear, and a likeness of Roosevelt. There's a story behind the plate. (Yeah, you'd be surprised if there wasn't, right?) It sat in a hutch in my grandmother's house. I don't know why, but it was one of those things I was fascinated with. The plate is a 1911 calendar and bears the name of a business. When she died the plate was among the items she left to me. Unfortunately, it got knocked over one day. It's been repaired, but it's not quite the plate that it was. I don't think it was very valuable in the first place (there were already nicks in it), but the sentimental value for me is priceless.

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