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Busy morning

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I thought I'd do a quick update after yesterday's head-pounding experience. The annual torture session went okay, and the headache finally subsided. I found a new shower head at Target, which we installad late last night.

I also picked up the House Season Two DVD set. Alas, I couldn't find A Bit of Fry and Laurie anywhere. It wouldn't surprise me if Fry's gets it in soon. They seem to have a pretty good selection of British TV DVDs. We did watch the final House episode of the season, No Reason, with the commentary. That was interesting. And I nearly did a backflip when David Shore pointed out that the birthdate on the bracelet was Hugh Laurie's birthday, and not House's. Why should that make me so happy? You wouldn't believe the number of e-mails I've had through since that episode aired, telling me in no uncertain terms that I had the date of House's birth wrong on the web site. Now I get to make another footnote to add Shore's comments. End of story - I hope.

I stopped at the grocery store on the way back from school. This morning is our sweeper at bowling and I'm supposed to take a munchie. I ended up with a little veggie tray so I'd have something on the diet. But in the "some people, I tell ya" category, I took a side street to get out of the commuter traffic. I had to wait to make my turn into the grocery store parking lot due to oncoming traffic. Yet, that didn't stop a woman behind me in an SUV from throwing her arms up in frustration and yelling (presumably) rude things because I had the audacity to wait on traffic rather than get out of her way. I have this thing about not hitting other cars on the road, especially when I don't have the right-of-way. Call me silly, but that's the way it is.

The grackles were out in the grassy islands in the parking lot this morning:


It's not the best shot as the light was behind me. You can get an idea of how dry it is from the state of the grass. We do have a 50% chance of rain today, so everyone has their fingers crossed for a bit of relief.

I'd best get going. Lots to do today.

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8/23/2006 8:42:50 AM
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