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I can't believe it! I finally slept through the night. I had to do it with the assistance of an over-the-counter med, but I feel rested for the first time in quite a while. How rested? I got up and attacked the desk. I had lots of stuff to file away, as well as stuff pending to print and file. While I had stuff going to the printer, I had the all-in-one machine going through a cleaning cycle. That was enough to get Midnight's attention!


Eventually, she plopped down right on the stack of papers I was sorting through. Well. She'd claimed the desk, what was I to do? Midnight finally moved when I opened a drawer to get some paper and the drawer nearly fell on top of her.

So now I have the desk mostly clean. Now I need to do a little dusting. You can probably see what's settled on the printer.

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8/26/2006 11:50:01 AM
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