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This week's challenge is "Nostalgia," which was suggested by Dorn of Through the Eyes of the Beholder.

I love old stuff. Our whole house is a bizarre trip through time, starting with the ugly charmingly retro 1970s home down to the Art Deco pen holder in the Art Deco writing desk in the living room. We even have nostalgic geek stuff from a genuine Altair computer to a wire recorder to a Predicta TV set. I have nostalgic toys on my desk including Robot from Lost in Space and a plastic lobster woman. Yes, we are Nostalgia Central around here.

I've decided to highlight a section of our site devoted to Nostalgia.

Just the thing you want to see the first thing in the morning: Roast glazed with Dr Pepper. That's right: There is no period after the "Dr" in Dr Pepper. That was dropped in the 1920s. Wanna see more? I thought not. But if you're a masochist then Click here. You were warned.

Wanna be in radio? So did thousands of other women in the post-war years. Here's your all-inclusive guide to the casting couch tedium that is the audition treadmill. Translation: You don't have to be beautiful, but it helps.

Perhaps you just need to capture (cue the 1930s cartoon voice) a man!

Or you just need your friendly neighborhood Dalek to exterminate those sore muscles?

You get to see the toothpaste ad for yourself. I can't bring myself to show it at this time of the morning.

If you think you can stand more, then click here. And if you still have an appetite after all that, then you can serve up you meal on this.

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9/6/2006 7:12:32 AM
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