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Well, I'm alive...

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The doc says everything went okay with the surgery. Today I am simply nauseous. I know that's part of the post-surgery deal and it shall pass.

And please pardon the roving typos.

I spent a good chunk of yesterday sleeping. I really don't have much to say otherwise because I'm still rather out of it. So, how about those promised pics from my road trip?


This is downtown Cisco, TX. Like many small Texas towns it has a main drag or two (usually a couple of highways cross or run parallel through town) and many little stores. I'm sorry I wasn't able to get more pictures, but I don't shoot and drive. As you can see from this picture I was stopped at a light.


I pulled off the side of the road near Moran to get a picture of cactus. We have some cacti locally, but the stuff grows wild in west Texas.


Every county in Texas has a government center called the county seat. Texas is known for its interesting county courthouses. This is in Albany in Shackleford County. Another shoot-and-run, which explains the wires and trees. Not the best shot, but it's a cool courthouse.

Well, I feel the need to stretch out on the bed for a few minutes, so I'll leave you for now. I'm sure I'll feel better tomorrow! Thanks again for all the kind words and well wishes. Those really mean a lot.

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9/27/2006 9:42:59 AM
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