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Friday the 13th

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So here's a black cat with scary eyes. This was taken about 18 months ago. All I did was crop and adjust the contrast just a bit so you could see a little more kitty detail. Coincidentally, it was shot on the 13th of the month, but not a Friday. This was shot with my Nikon Coolpix 990, which is notorious in the redeye department. And yeah, it's the same picture I use for my Technorati avatar.

The shoulder still aches, but I managed to finish off three cloaks yesterday and get two of them posted on ebay. The third will go up later today. Hopefully they'll sell. Yeah, I still need to get the picture sales site up, but I've got to go shopping today.

That's not as fun as it sounds. We discovered yesterday that the poles for our small tent are missing and Chris needs to take his own tent to a Scout campout. I hope that Sports Authority has the same deals in the store as on the web. I really don't want to go to REI and spend $200 on a tent right now.

After the car insurance deal yesterday, I stopped in at the local vintage clothing store to browse. I'd like something different for our next show. I saw a couple of things I'd like, but two things kept me from buying. One was time. I only had about fifteen minutes to browse. The other was my mood. I'm still feeling kind of crappy about things, and that's the wrong time to buy clothes - especially a vintage piece that I'll have to live with for a long time. I've got five weeks until the show, so there's absolutely no hurry.

We woke up this morning to Fall. It was 46F and I had to bump the heater up just a bit to take the chill off of the house. This is a mere blip on the temperature radar; we'll be back to warm weather before the weekend is out. I pulled out my nice suede jacket only to discover that its a bit large on me. It barely fit when I bought it. I guess that's a good sign that the diet is working. I'm not overly worried about a jacket that's a bit on the largeish side. That means I can wear heavy sweaters under it when the colder weather sets in. OTOH, I was looking for an excuse to get a sweet velvet jacket a couple of weeks ago. Could this be it? Probably not, but I might just look while I'm out. Unless I see a real deal I'll probably hold off until after Christmas when I can get a real bargain. That's what I did for the aforementioned suede jacket, and I got it for $35. It had been $120. Oh, I love a bargain!

Guess I need to explain about the scanner drivers. When we upgraded the computer last month we decided to go with the 64-bit version of Windows XP. Regular XP (Home or Pro) is 32-bit. In a nutshell, 64-bit stuff runs faster, but you have to have a 64-bit processor. Most home computers have a 32-bit processor. All this means that the standard Windows XP device drivers won't work with my new hardware and operating system. Not all devices have 64-bit support. As I said yesterday, the most dissapointing news was that the company that made my scanner will not be releasing 64-bit drivers. It's a pity as many professional photographers use this scanner. As I said yesterday, the scanner will work perfectly fine with my notebook. Oddly enough, my Brother all-in-one (Fax/Scanner/Copier/Printer) does have 64-bit drivers, so it will do for everyday scanning. My Epson scanner is better quality, and it does slides and negatives. I dropped the bucks on it so I could ditch the darkroom and go digital. So here I sit.

Life on the bleeding edge can be so much fun. Not.

I still have a couple of pictures to post for Feline Friday, but that will be later. I need to get a start on work and laundry. I can't let laundry linger into the evening as usual since the Scout shirt needs a wash. I suppose Chris would like to be able to wear it this weekend.

Enjoy your weekend, and tune in later (or check your RSS reader) for Feline Friday.

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10/13/2006 9:05:39 AM
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