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This week's challenge is Very Scary! I was looking for something just a little bit different for the season. Blame me. Yeah, go ahead. I'm a mashochist. Heap the blame on me! ;-) For that you get The Eyes!:


This is our cat Midnight. She certainly has that demonic glow about her, doesn't she? The fact is that she happened to be looking right at the camera when the flash went off. I have done nothing to enhance the eyes, though I did do a couple of things to bring out the detail so you wouldn't see just a cat-shaped blob with lights.

Now, you want to see something really scary? I mean, something that will rattle you to the bones?

This is my desk.

Well, it was my desk before I lit in to cleaning on Tuesday.

Not so scary now, is it? Okay then, how about a spider?


(We saw a baby tarantula at that same building, but the picture I shot wasn't very good.)

Whether or not you found those scary, thanks for visiting! I hope you have a happy and safe Halloween.

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10/18/2006 7:12:45 AM
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