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Here comes the rain again

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I stumbled out of bed and crawled down the hall this morning and managed to focus my eyes on the monitor. The first thing I found was Karen's tale of a slightly unseasonal rain. Then I decided I'd better get Chris off to school. It was raining here!

Often I take my DSLR with me, holding it in my lap as I ride in the passenger seat. Then I strap it into said seat when we swap drivers at the school. I decided it would be better to leave the big camera at home and just use the Casio I keep in my purse. Normally the sun is just peeking over the horizon; a sharp ball of light. Normally it's right behind the left turn signal light, which makes it very difficult to see both the signal and oncoming traffic clearly. Not so this morning:

Here comes the rain again

Traffic moved along at the speed limit this morning, the rain proving the exception to the morning commute rule. No tailgaters, no idiots shooting out of side streets in front of people turning left. Oh, it happens every morning - unless the police are on patrol.

Yesterday afternoon I went to the Post Office and the grocery store and twice I nearly hit (or got hit) by cars whose drivers decided to take a chance that I wouldn't turn left while they pulled across the street. The second time I laid down on the horn and got an evil glare in return. I'm sorry, but traffic was not that thick. Five seconds and they'd have had a clear shot across the street. But I guess five seconds is just too long to wait. One day those people will pull in front of a driver who isn't paying attention. That kind of thing happens down by the Post Office all the time.

Still waiting to ship my one last cloak so I can wrap things up before Halloween. Hopefully the payment will come through today. Apparently the payee's bank declined the funds transfer. The buyer has an excellent feedback rating, so I'm going give the benefit of a doubt that there was a glitch in the system somewhere. But I still can't ship until I get paid. I can't afford to give the things away.

Time to get moving. It's bowling day. I'm not sure if I'll be able to even throw the ball this morning, but I never know. Should be interesting.

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10/25/2006 8:43:38 AM
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