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This week's Round Robin challenge is In the Kitchen," and was suggested by Jessica from QuickSilver Dreams.

Well. I had to think long and hard about this one. You do NOT want to see my coffee maker that is on the verge of exploding, or my attempts at updating our crappy charmingly retro 1970s kitchen. You defintely do NOT want to see my cooking, unless you're looking for a Thanksgiving diet aid. ;-)

So, I thought I'd share a couple of pictures of my retro kitchen collection.


This is the top of some 1970s Chrome 'n' Glass shelving units that we keep in the kitchen. They were free, they go with the decor, and they let the light in through the two large windows so we can keep plants there in the winter. Pardon the dust. I'm holding off on cleaning until the weekend in preparation for Thanksgiving. Most of these items are from our modest Dr Pepper (that's right: no period after "Dr") collection. The immersion heather is pretty self-explanatory. The bottles are new, but come from the Dublin, TX Dr Pepper plant - which still uses real cane sugar in their product. The stuff is pricey ($7 or so for a six-pack), but it tastes wonderful. The glass bricks are salvaged from the Dr Pepper HQ in Dallas. The city ordered a stay on demolition in order to determine whether or not the building qualified as a landmark, but the demolition company either didn't get the message or ignored it. The building came down.

The other piece is a coffee carafe my parents got as a wedding present in the 1950s.


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