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A change in the weather

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Taking the morning off from bowling.

Trying to write, but getting nowhere. Oh, well.

I decided to try to get a couple of shots before the front moves through later today. Right now the forecast calls for a high tomorrow in the 30s. It's 71F and very windy. The trees may be bare tomorrow. These are in the neighborhood:

Fall trees

You can't tell in this shot, but the clouds are moving quickly today. I converted this to B&W and played with the tone controls to get the contrast to be a little more dramatic:

B&W Tree

We're under a Winter Storm Watch for tomorrow with some freezing precipitation expected after sunrise. I expect I'll be out with the camera again to shoot some "after" pictures.

I played a little more with macro shots yesterday, but discovered that I need better lighting. I plan to pick up some different bulbs when I go to the home improvement store today for some new faucet covers. I found one in the garage and it broke when I tried to install it. They're just cheap Styrofoam, and since they spent all last winter outside on the faucets, I shouldn't be surprised. But as cheap as they are, they do the job. I'll also need to get a tarp to cover the aloe plant.

So where's the Round Robin today? Well, I couldn't plan for that AND deadlines, so deadlines won out.

Well, I need to get a little more done before lunch. I promised Paul I'd have lunch with him today so I'd better make some headway so I don't feel guilty about leaving the house.

Stay warm.

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11/29/2006 10:49:14 AM
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