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Keeping busy is nice. Getting a paycheck will be even better! Yep, I've got a foot-dragging client again. Not the one I'm doing the new project for. They pay on time.

Last night we attended a choir performance. This was a Masterworks program incorporating the high school choirs from our end of town. The mixed choir performed Faure's Requiem. They brought in a couple of adults to do the soprano and baritone solos. This means that the choir completely skipped over one motet in their rehearsals. And Chris never even paid attention to the soloist as she performed the piece. Probably a good thing, as he'd have lost it.

The motet? Pie Jesu. A few teenagers in the audience finally caught on, and we could hear the giggles. If you don't get it, start here. Imagine a group of monks banging a board against their heads after each line. Now you get it.

Before I get out of here, the full moon this morning:

Morning Moon

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12/6/2006 8:54:38 AM
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