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Late in updating the journal today. The Catmas card is mostly done - just working on getting the printing correct.

Doorbell. Be right back.

Ack. ANOTHER person representing an energy company. Electric rates are about to be fully deregulated here in Texas, and we've had a constant stream of salespeople at the door and on the phone. Doesn't seem to matter than I'm on the Do Not Call list, either. Must remember to visit the city web site and look up the specs for NO SOLICITING signs.

Just added a group of pics from our March trip to Austin on Zooomr. Here's one:

B&W BuildingB&W Building Hosted on Zooomr

Did the Cowboys get clobbered last night, or what? Man, they looked terrible.

Here's word about a convention that got canceled at the last minute. People are not amused (link contains foul language), nor are they happy here (more foul language and NSFW pics). It'll be interesting to see how this plays out over the next week or two.

I'm not happy with the current trend in conventions. First, there's a huge fee to get in, and oh, you want to see a star? That's $50 for a picture, $25 for an autograph, $300 for a "special" party... Where does the money go? I have a feeling the media guests realize that they can charge a hefty amount and so they do. (Or so their reps demand the large fees, I suppose.) But it's getting so the average fan can't go to these. Between the cost of the events and airfare and hotel, it's getting out of hand.

Does this mean that I can put in another plug for Fencon? Of course, Fencon isn't a media con, and as such doesn't have the overhead. Still, I cant get over the cost of some of these events. Yeesh.

Oh, there is an upbeat ending to the canceled convention. The local Browncoats (this was a Firefly con) did an amazing job of putting together an alternate event at literally the last minute. Many of the stars that had booked to appear at the convention showed up, some bringing gifts for visitors from outside of the US. That's classy.

Time to go finish dinner...

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12/11/2006 5:39:22 PM
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