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SoonerCon schedule

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Next weekend is SoonerCon. It's one of our favorite conventions, and this year looks like fun. When isn't it? I hope I never find out. 

I'll have items in the Art Show. Bid early and bid often, either on my items or those by any of the fine artists in attendance. 

Here's my schedule:

4:00 PM, Ballroom C: Companion: Girl Friday or Emotional Liability?
Who is the Doctor without the Companion? Would Doctor Who be a successful show without a Companion? Does the Companion create unneeded sexual or emotional tension in the story arcs of the series?
With: Cyn Burton, Bev Hale, and Caroline Spector

9:00 AM, 10-Forward Cantina: Koffee Klatch  with lots and lots of people. Come join us for coffee and conversation. 

2:00 PM, Joyner: Successful Steampunk Cosplay
A DIY panel for beginners. What is Steampunk? What is needed to effectively pull off the Steampunk look without breaking the bank or looking off our chump.
With: Bev Hale, Elizabeth Snicer, and Ynhared

3:00 PM, Mann: Dr Who: The Anti-Antihero
The Doctor is the best person, er, Timelord ever. Sure he makes some mistakes but things seem to work out as they were meant to in the end. Is the Doctor's ultra-goodness his best appeal? What gives him such cross-generational staying power?
With: Tim Frayser, Ethan Nahte, and Allison Stein

5:00 PM, J Stage: Radio Show Rehearsal
Here's your chance to be a radio star! Our show this year is "Game of Groans, A Further Adventure of Sam Shade, Private Mouth."
With: Paul and Chris Barrett

8:00 PM, J Stage: Masquerade
We'll be live on stage during the break to perform the radio show!

11:00 AM, Ballroom B: Commission Work: The Joys, Pitfalls, and Just Plain Weirdness
It is hard enough for the artist to do their work when they are trying to realize their vision. Commission work can be even more treacherous. Discuss why it is so hard to create someone else's vision.
With: Jerry Bennett, Peri Charliflu, Tim Chessmore, Dell Harris, and Vincent Villafranca

1:00 PM, Cain: Manners and Morbidity
Ever notice how the Victorians were super polite and refined, but they also liked to take pictures of dead people and make trinkets from human hair? This panel discusses the dichotomy between the hallmark manners and etiquette of the Victorians and their curious mourning customs from a modern perspective.
With: J. Kathleen Cheny, Sheri Dean, and Ynhared

Hope to see you there!

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